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Why having the correct body alignment matters

there are many benefits to chiropractic care in the Cortland and Ithaca NY areas

Why having the correct body alignment matters

Have you ever heard the phrase “a body in motion stays in motion”? It describes the relationship between bodies physically moving and receiving exercise with maintaining joint health, cardiovascular health, and hanging on to mobility.

The human body is amazingly complex, and a surprisingly strong machine. We are resilient to a vast amount of activities. However, even the best athlete among us will become weathered and slowed over time. Similar to other machines, proper maintenance extends life. Daily activities will take a toll on us. So we must turn back the clock with tune-ups and extend our body’s warranties.

Why can’t I turn to the left? When did picking up my kid get so hard? I need to call a timeout.

In the case that you find some activities harder or even painful, it’s time to search for pain management in Ithaca and Cortland.

What now?

Discomforts including back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, hip pain, knee pain, and ankle pain slowly steal our joy when they don’t have to. There are ways to control symptoms, support your basic functions, and enhance your quality of life through chiropractic treatment.

It’s time to search for back pain relief in Ithaca and Cortland if you’re a local or passing through. Pain management and therapies are the bare minimum to expect from each respectable chiropractic practice you’ll find listed. So, how do you choose the right chiropractor in Ithaca and Cortland?

Get pain relief in Ithaca and Cortland from Dr. Jason Barton. He can help you control your symptoms, support your muscle and joint functions, and improve your overall health and wellness through chiropractic treatments. Barton Chiropractic in Cortland and Ithaca uses a holistic approach to treat patients that includes a unique ABC methodology for adjustments. They also employ nutritional evaluation and muscle-testing. That’s how you know they stand apart.

Reclaiming Your Health Is As Easy As ABC

Advanced Biostructural Correction promotes self-healing. Patients experience release from Dr. Barton locating and adjusting the root cause of their misalignments. Misalignments cause improper motion and worsen body mechanics. They multiply into additional spinal misalignments and muscle tightness. ABC sustains longer-lasting relief over time, so you can become structurally sound and maintain mobility.

A Step Above the Rest

Barton Chiropractic is one of the chiropractic offices in Ithaca and Cortland that stands out from its counterparts thanks to compassionate staff and a holistic, comprehensive doctor serving together with high integrity treatment. All you have to do is let Dr. Barton know what ailments you have been experiencing. What has been feeling restricted? What motions have caused shooting pain?

Barton Chiropractic staff are equipped to learn what symptoms you have been experiencing, or what conditions you have been diagnosed with and get down to business to help.

When your body needs to stay in motion, and you realize daily activities are getting more difficult to accomplish physically, it’s time for a tune-up.

Schedule your first appointment and learn more about a treatment plan that can extend your body’s limited warranty. You only get one body, so make care a priority with Dr. Barton so you can continue using it in its best capacity.

Barton Chiropractic is the leader for chiropractic services in Cortland and Ithaca because we focus on utilizing the ABC method which gets to the root of the pain in order to relieve it instead of other methods that may not help. Getting to the root of the problem first will help to better understand it and provide long-lasting, effective treatment. What Dr. Barton strives to do as a chiropractor in Ithaca and Cortland is provide long-lasting relief to chronic pain issues. We do this by taking care of your body in a way that will not only get to the root of the problem but will also help you be able to understand your body so you can take care of it as well. It’s as simple as picking up the phone and making an appointment to drop by. We’ll be waiting....


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