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Have you ever explored holistic approaches to managing body pain, such as chiropractic, physical therapy, osteopathy, massage, yoga, or acupuncture? Have you found the results to be less than satisfactory?

If so, consider giving the ABC method of Chiropractic a chance! It could be the key to significantly improving your health and quality of life.

Traditional chiropractic techniques often focus on addressing tight, misaligned, and twisted areas of the spine in an attempt to restore motion and alignment. However, these methods can yield inconsistent results.

ABC stands apart by recognizing that these tight and twisted regions of the spine are actually compensations that the body has developed to stabilize itself. Instead of adjusting these seemingly problematic areas, ABC objectively identifies and corrects vertebrae that are misaligned forward, which the body cannot correct on its own.

Once these corrections are made, the body begins to untwist its compensations and self-corrects to the best of its ability in the days following an adjustment. With repeated adjustments, the layers of twist compensation gradually unwind, leading to reduced chronic pain, improved posture, enhanced mobility, better cognitive function, increased endurance, deeper breathing, and overall improved bodily function.

If you're still searching for a solution to your chronic pain or health issues, consider giving Dr. Barton the opportunity to demonstrate the possibilities with expertly delivered ABC chiropractic care.

enhance your healing with Dr. Barton’s muscle testing and nutrition services.

Numerous kinesiology or muscle-testing systems share common traits with each other. Among these, Meridian Autonomic Technique (MAT) is one that I incorporate into my practice. MAT enables me to pinpoint areas where nutritional support can enhance healing and improve overall function.

MAT utilizes acupuncture points located on the body's surface, which correspond to various systems, organs, and glands. These points aid in determining nutritional interventions based on whole food nutrition and herbal concentrates. In my practice, I exclusively use Standard Process and Mediherb products due to their proprietary whole foods extraction system, commitment to environmental sustainability, exceptional education and practitioner support, and their dedication to backing their products with scientifically grounded evidence.

If you're grappling with a chronic bodily issue, MAT offers valuable feedback from your body, allowing us to precisely target nutritional support to yield prompt and cost-effective results.

What is ABC Chiropractic

and why is it Effective?

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