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Dr Barton Chiropractor in Ithaca NY work

Ready for effective
and lasting
relief from pain?

Specializing in ABC Chiropractic Method,
Dr. Barton gets results.

Advanced Biostructural Correction,
or ABC, can provide significant
functional improvement by addressing the root cause, not individual symptoms. 

why should you see Dr. Jason Barton?

Dr. Jason uses a unique chiropractic technique known as Advanced Biostructural Correction or ABC.  ABC corrects spinal misalignments, restores function and reduces chronic and acute pain dramatically.  ABC corrects the spine by only adjusting the primary vertebral misalignments and allowing the spine to unlock, unwind, and self correct its secondary/compensatory misalignments.  The end result is a more upright and less twisted spine holding less tension in the spinal cord, ligaments, and muscles.  Mobility increases and pain decreases.  

If you have pain or dysfunction and you want real results, you should give this phenomenal work a try!

Portait of Dr Barton in Ithaca, smiling.

What is ABC Chiropractic

and why is it Effective?

ABC corrects spinal misalignments, restores function,
and reduces chronic and acute pain dramatically. 

"I was referred to Dr. Barton by a close friend who has suffered from foot pain for over twenty years.  We had both been seeing different chiropractors. We talked regularly how neither of us experienced much improvement after many visits over the course of several years.  And in my case, I was becoming worse in areas where I had not previously experienced pain. My friend experienced immediate improvement and for the first time since I’ve known her we went shoe shopping!  She also stopped her need to sit often during our outings. She’s wearing sandals this summer!

I came to Dr. Barton with chronic hip pain and lower back pain.  Like my friend, it hurt for me to walk. And really…..we’re just not that old!  My work is very physical and I simply could not tolerate being in this much pain.  My work demands freedom of movement and believe me time is money! After my first visit, my posture changed dramatically and for the better.  Suddenly I had a curve in my mid back. This occurred because the body was realigned putting everything in proper order, with the right stuff holding up what it was meant to support.  Sorry, I’m not a doctor, so forgive my laymen terms. My hip pain dissipated enough so I could begin to stretch the hip muscles.  Already I was on a roll. Now after 6 visits, I have no lower back pain, my hips are so much better, and my posture has continued to improved. Also, I now have a curve in my neck.  Yes, it’s supposed to be there. I mention the posture again, because these are permanent fixes.

My body is simply aligned the way it was meant to be, removing problems for good and lessening the risk of future issues.  And get this…………I can now sleep without a pillow between my knees."

Melanie M.

Dr. Barton Chiroptractic interior of ithaca office
Experience the difference
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