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Try the ABC Method of Chiropractic for your winter aches and pains

Try the ABC Method of Chiropractic for your winter aches and pains

Shoveling snow and bending over to stoke the fireplace embers might not be the most comfortable repetitive winter activity. If you have slipped on ice and fallen, embarrassment is probably a consequence that is the least of your worries. There’s something about six more weeks of winter that has us on edge and careful to make it out of this season unscathed. If you have fallen victim to daily discomforts—or literally fallen—your next step is finding a chiropractor in Cortland and Ithaca.

What are Adjustments?

When you go to your first chiropractic visit, or you revisit an office, you will more than likely receive a chiropractic adjustment. This means an area, or multiple areas, of your body are moved by hand. The push and pull upon joints needing to increase range of motion can alleviate pain when they start working properly. What if the area you’ve had joint pain and muscle pain in is not the main issue? Different methods of adjustments and treatments are used by chiropractors to treat patients. There is one to try this winter to get back on track.

Know your ABC’s

Advanced BioStructural Correction was developed by Dr. Jesse Jutkowitz in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s. Traditional chiropractic treatment was first developed in 1895, so about 100 years late, Dr. Jutkowitz took it upon himself to discover why some people got better with traditional treatment while others might even get worse.

Through his studies of cadavers and x-ray images, he learned key factors that lead to the development of ABC. He learned the body cannot self-correct entirely, and that some areas need help which opens the opportunity for the others than can self-correct to do so. He learned human health is reliant on the body performing its mechanics optimally.

A new treatment and philosophy were born. ABC method unlocks the source of disfunction that needs help in correction and allows the body to do the rest.

Treating joints that are simply the aftereffect of an initial problem the body cannot solve alone is not the best use of a chiropractor’s efforts. There can be momentary relief. But, treating that primary issue that requires intervention will halt the chain of events that have led to muscles, ligaments, and tendons baring more weight than intended or pulling harder to move joints. The body is then freed to unwind and become structurally sound through its own devices.

Making the Difference You Need

The ABC approach views stiff, unmoving areas as compensations when the spine is destabilized. Tracing back the compensations makes it possible for Dr. Barton to detect the joints that are not supporting the body. Finding the cause of overworked joints leads to true pain relief in Ithaca and Cortland.

The chiropractic offices in Ithaca and Cortland, Barton Chiropractic takes a unique approach to bringing you the results you deserve. Dr. Barton utilizes the ABC Method, or Advanced Biostructural Correction. This method significantly improves mobility and functionality, in turn alleviating tension and pain.


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