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The Outdoor fun Isn’t Over yet, Let Barton Chiropractic in Cortland and Ithaca Keep You Going

Barton Chiropractic Offices in Cortland and Ithaca NY

Battling severe aches and pains after a long, fun-filled summer happens to the best of us. As the summer winds down, you may still desire a few more adventures but may be less motivated after wearing out your body.

The Barton Chiropractic offices in Cortland and Ithaca in Upstate New York help alleviate any pains, muscle tensions, or general soreness, ensuring you are back on track to enjoy the rest of the warm weather.

Why Barton Chiropractic?

Dr. Barton, the lead physician, works with each patient to help find short and long-term pain relief solutions. Most chiropractors realign your spine and send you on your way. However, Dr. Barton believes in a more practical, patient-first approach.

Every patient’s pain differs according to pain tolerance, lifestyle habits, and general health and wellness. Having a dedicated chiropractor in Cortland and Ithaca to help review and monitor your lifestyle habits over time ensures long-term pain relief.

What if I Experience Chronic Pain?

If you experience severe pain, a physician will thoroughly check you. You will be categorized as either having intractable pain or chronic pain. Both have vastly different treatment methods, making it crucial to understand the type of pain you experience.

Intractable pain is a term that dates back to WWI. It was labeled for soldiers who required opioids to manage their pain. The term is still used today, even if it happens less frequently. Someone suffering from intractable pain deals with intense, severe, and constant pain that cannot be managed through simple spine realignments.

If Barton Chiropractic diagnoses you with intractable pain, they will direct you to other physicians more capable of helping. Intractable pain requires surgical intervention and medication, which is outside the purview of Dr. Barton’s office.

Chronic pain typically doesn’t respond to your routine, everyday pain management. It is described as a pain that persists for an unusual timeframe. Chronic pain can deter your quality of life, especially during activity-filled summer months.

What Types of Pain Management Treatments are Available?

Barton chiropractic helps patients find chronic pain relief in Cortland and Ithaca. Various pain relief management techniques help deliver long-term solutions to issues. These techniques include therapeutic exercises, spinal manipulation, and manual physical therapy.

Most chronic pain, such as inflammation and muscle tension, is often a symptom of a bigger problem. Dr. Barton works with you to help uncover the underlying issue. Solving the root cause helps alleviate other symptoms you may face beyond your chronic pain.

Some patients require a complete lifestyle overhaul. Overworking your body, eating unhealthy food, and not getting enough rest are the most common reasons people experience chronic inflammation and tension. Dr. Barton works with you to help you tackle any of these issues that relate to you.

Get Relief So You Can Enjoy the Rest of Your Summer

The end of summer is often the most enjoyable, as the weather begins to cool down. Don’t miss out on it because of short- or long-term pain. Schedule a visit with Dr. Barton to get back to doing the activities you love without wasting time.


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