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When Spring yardwork brings on those aches and pain, call Barton Chiropractic

We all know what it’s like living in Upstate New York. The calendar said spring started weeks ago, but we’re not totally sure that we won’t see another bout of snow even in May. But you’ve been looking at the forecast, and the temperatures are getting warmer and warmer. Birds are chirping. Butterflies are flying by and perching delicately on the vibrant petals of your backyard’s flowers.

At long last, spring is here. No more shoveling snow!

That doesn’t mean there isn’t still plenty of yard work to do. They call it spring cleaning for a reason! Before long, the aches and pains will set in.

Barton Chiropractic Has Got Your Back!

Don’t let the aches and pains sideline you.

Visit Barton Chiropractic for a chiropractor in Cortland and Ithaca that uses cutting-edge techniques and a patient-centered approach to provide quality orthopedic and therapeutic care.

Dr. Barton uses an advanced technique called the “ABC method” to treat back pain, neck pain, a host of various other pains, and many conditions like sciatica, degenerative disc disease, and scoliosis.

The ABC, or Advanced Biostructural Correction method, differs from traditional chiropractic techniques in the sense that, instead of adjusting twisted sections of your spine, it seeks to actually correct misaligned vertebrae for long-lasting relief.

This makes Barton Chiropractic one of the best chiropractic offices in Ithaca and Cortland.

What To Expect from Your Visit?

From reviewing medical history to talking about nutrition, Dr. Barton’s focus is on you from start to finish. We examine what factors in your life might be contributing to chronic pain in order to address and fix the problems at the source.

Our adjustments are more than quick fixes. We use effective means to correct the spine and an educated approach to guide more health-conscious actions moving forward.

Patients generally experience better posture, better mobility, better endurance, deeper breathing, better cognitive performance, and, most importantly, less pain!

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Whether you’re cleaning up neglected areas of your yard, putting in new plants or flowers, or finally putting together that swinging bench you bought last year, you’re sure to aggravate old sore spots or create new ones from twisting and turning all day.

Here are some tips to help you keep pain-free after your visit to Barton Chiropractic:

1) Stretch before and after

Stretching isn’t just for the gym. Take a few seconds and a few breaths to stretch your back, legs, and neck to minimize the risk of damaging them while engaged in yard work or other activities.

2) Lift with your legs.

It might seem benign to bend over and grab that bag of fertilizer, but your back will thank you for squatting with a straight back to pick up heavier items. If you find yourself needing to transport a lot of heavy items, we recommend using tools or a wheelbarrow to take the brunt of the weight.

3) Be mindful of your posture.

We’ve all been there. You’re really in the zone putting in the new flowers, and you really want it done by noon so you can sit back and admire your handiwork with a cold glass of lemonade. Understandable, but you’ll have a hard time enjoying it with a stiff neck.

Check in with yourself every now and then and take mental inventory of your posture. Are you hunched? Are you twisting at an uncomfortable angle? Make minor adjustments as you work, and your body will reap the benefits.

4) Take breaks as needed.

There’s always something to do, but you’re human. Make sure you take breaks as needed to refresh, rehydrate, and relax your body. Have a drink in between mowing the front and back yards. Step inside occasionally for a quick bite.

Giving yourself a break in between gives your body a break, but also gives your mind a chance to truly assess if you are getting a good workout from the labor or overdoing things.

Remember– an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Staying mindful of these principles will help you protect your body during that rigorous spring cleanup.

Book Today!

What good is an immaculate yard and a season of perfect weather if you’re too sore to get out there and enjoy it?

Many people are apprehensive to visit a chiropractor and fruitlessly try self-management year after year, downing over-the-counter pain relievers by the handful and taxing their internal organs in the process.

You deserve a healthier way to tackle aches and pains. You deserve a patient-focused consultation and treatment with Dr. Barton.

Schedule your appointment now and see why so many people are enjoying pain relief in Ithaca and Cortland, thanks to Barton Chiropractic.


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