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Get the aches and pains out now, before the warm Springtime weather Arrives

Get the aches and pains out now before the warm Springtime weather arrives.

Winter is ending. It is time to start enjoying the slightly warmer weather– about 13°F higher on average in the Ithaca, NY area. This means certain activities, longer strolls through the neighborhood or park, are more bearable.

What Awaits

Farmers' markets, the Cornell Botanic Gardens, Ithaca Falls, Cascadilla Gorge Trail, are among wonderful outdoor locations to visit for a change of pace as we transition into this new season. New adventures await… unless you have to wait on your body’s aches and pains to clear first.

New Tidings in Spring

Finding a chiropractor in Cortland and Ithaca would be your next best step if you have been experiencing stiffness, sharp or dull pain, muscle tension, tingling or numbness, or hindered mobility. Chiropractic treatment helps the body with joint and muscle function to remain the healthiest version of yourself. Imagine all the adventures you could take if you didn’t have those aches and pains. Imagine walking that extra mile on a trail. Imagine stretching and bending with a sport or workout while enjoying the fresh air and feeling fine. It is possible.

Spring is a time of newness. The first visuals that come to mind when thinking about spring are those of blooming flowers, hatching birds, lush trees. Your body might feel like that’s all-romanticized hope, but in reality, it is possible to start the process of getting back to feeling like you.

Get Chiropractic Treatment from the Best Team

Of the chiropractic offices in Ithaca and Cortland, Barton Chiropractic has the right specialized care that gets proven results for their patients. Dr. Jason Barton uses the Advanced Biostructural Correction technique which is a unique approach that promotes self-healing. He and his staff have years of experience – and positive testimonials to boot. Consistently yielding a great track record of increased mobility and decreased pain, their offices are the premier destinations for pain relief in Ithaca and Cortland.

Preventative Care Is Key

If you are only dealing with mild stiffness or muscle tension and are not feeling like your day-to-day activities are affected, you are in the perfect situation to start preventative care. Keep acute pain far away and allow Dr. Barton the opportunity to adjust your primary vertebral misalignments. Allow the opportunity for your compensations and unnoticed locks to be released and come back to a new normal. You may not realize how impacted your activities and movements are until you leave time and space for rejuvenation.

You Deserve More by Feeling Less Pain

Dealing with chronic or more serious conditions? You have hope here. Barton Chiropractic helps create lasting relief for back, neck, shoulder, elbow, wrist pain and more. Scoliosis, degenerative disc disease, sciatica, and thoracic outlet syndrome are among chronic ailments that can be positively affected by the Advanced Biostructural Correction offered by Dr. Barton.

Whatever your level of pain or activity may be, the changing of the seasons is the perfect time to make change personally and look towards a brighter future today.


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