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Barton Chiropractic will have you ready to Spring into the season

Get rid of those Wintertime aches and pains

Spring is the perfect time of year to rededicate yourself to personal wellness. As days in Ithaca, NY become longer and warmer, you might set a goal to walk five miles every day. Or, maybe you’re hoping to pick back up your running routine after taking the winter off.

But, if you’re dealing with muscle aches and pains, you could run into some roadblocks that have the potential to prevent you from meeting these goals. Luckily, Barton Chiropractic offers pain relief in Ithaca and Cortland.

Addressing Aches and Pains

What makes Dr. Jason Barton a top chiropractor in Cortland and Ithaca is his ability to personalize treatment based on an individual patient’s case. During your first visit, he’ll spend time getting to know you and your needs and then develop an individualized treatment plan. Regardless of whether you’re experiencing knee, neck, back, shoulder, or any other type of pain, Dr. Barton can build a plan tailored to your specific needs.

Getting back to enjoying what you love starts with peace of mind. As one of the top chiropractic offices in Ithaca and Cortland, Barton Chiropractic can help get you there.

What sets Barton Chiropractic apart from other pain relief providers?

Dr. Barton understands just how much spring means to those who live in the area. After a long winter spent cooped up inside, everyone wants to get out and enjoy the incomparable sights and sounds of upstate New York. That’s why Dr. Barton uses the Advanced Biostructural Construction, or ABC, chiropractic method.

Unlike other methods of therapy, which often yield inconsistent results, ABC is able to detect and correct misaligned vertebrae in your back. Once an adjustment is made, the body unwinds. Over time, this reduces pain, increases mobility, and improves endurance, among many other benefits.

A visit to Barton Chiropractics is the ideal way to start off your spring. You’ll leave the office ready to take on the world!

When is the best time to visit Barton Chiropractic?

We’ll admit this is a bit of a trick question because the answer is today! Even if you aren’t currently enduring pain or struggling with a lack of mobility, there’s no substitution for preventative care.

When you’re searching for a new chiropractor, you should consider the range of treatments the chiropractor offers as well as their approach to Chiropractic's. At Barton Chiropractic in Cortland and Ithaca, we keep it simple by focusing on the needs of you, the patient. The question, then, is what does such a patient-centered approach entail?

Patient-centeredness encompasses all areas of a patient’s life. From nutrition to training to muscle testing, the patient-centered approach addresses all factors that contribute to a person’s general wellbeing. It not only helps alleviate pain and immobility, but also prepares your body to fend off pain in the future. You’ll leave feeling better and armed with the tools you need to support your physical health and improve your outlook on life.

Give your body the care it deserves this spring. Whether you’re someone who loves long hikes through the forest, swimming or rock climbing, Barton Chiropractic can get you ready to handle all of the rigors of the outdoors.

Contact Barton Chiropractic today and start off the new season with a spring in your step!


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