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Barton Chiropractic Offers Skilled Chiropractic Services in Ithaca

Chiropractic services in Ithaca and Cortland

Living a pain-free life sounds great, doesn’t it? Being able to take part in the activities that bring you joy is not out of reach! If you are on the sidelines of your life due to pain, Dr. Barton's chiropractic offices in Ithaca are here to help!

As a dad, husband, trail runner, coach, yogi, fitness enthusiast, and chiropractor serving the Cortland and Ithaca areas, Dr. Barton understands that wellness is much more than physical health. Dr. Barton takes a holistic approach to wellness and recognizes the importance of all aspects of your life in his approach to pain relief in Ithaca. By visiting Barton, pain-free living is within reach!

Dr. Barton’s mission is to restore function, improve physiological health, and relieve pain. Dr. Barton is interested in human performance and applies various techniques to help his clients manage their health.

Pain-Free Living is Within Reach!

When pain is persistent it often takes us away from the activities and communities we love. There are a variety of factors that cause chronic or acute conditions such as injuries, diet, and exercise. Conventional treatments like medication or surgery can be invasive, inconsistent, and may not address the root causes of pain.

Pain can have a major impact on our quality of life but Dr. Barton provides significant functional improvement by addressing the root cause, not the symptom. Dr. Barton can provide effective and lasting relief for a number of conditions from your head to your toes through ABC chiropractic and enhancing your results through muscle testing and nutrition services!

A Happier, Pain-Free You!

As a family-first chiropractor, Dr. Barton recognizes the value of a holistic approach to wellness. A holistic approach recognizes that our lives are complex and that one aspect of our lives can have a major impact on another.

Dr. Barton applies a unique chiropractic technique known as Advanced Biostructural Correction, or ABC, which can result in pain relief after one treatment!

Traditional chiropractic techniques focus on the tight, misaligned, and twisted regions of the spine to try to restore motion and alignment, however, these methods have inconsistent results. He uses ABC to objectively detect and correct vertebrae that are misaligned forward that your body is unable to correct on its own. Once Dr. Barton makes ABC corrections; your body corrects itself following an adjustment.

By using ABC, the body works to restore itself to maintain its highest functionality. ABC provides significant pain relief so you can get back to doing what you love!

Chronic issues in the body are persistent problems that last over an extended period of time. Your systems, organs, and glands can also provide a roadmap for Dr. Barton to address chronic issues in your body.

Beyond ABC, Dr. Barton can support you through the Meridian Autonomic Technique, or MAT. MAT uses acupuncture points on the surface of the body to help determine appropriate nutritional support to help speed up and maintain your results quickly and inexpensively.

Reclaim the Life You Love!

Finding the answers to your chronic pain or health issues can be exhausting. Luckily, finding help for pain relief near Ithaca, NY is only an appointment away! If you are looking for a committed chiropractor that will help you regain the balance and joy that living pain-free can bring, Dr. Barton is here to help. By visiting Dr. Barton, you will be one step closer to reclaiming the life you love!


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