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Barton Chiropractic in Ithaca is Here to Help

Updated: May 20, 2023

Chiropractic services in Ithaca and Cortland

It’s alarming how many people deal with chronic pain in its various forms. It could be back pain, shoulder pain, foot or ankle pain, hip or even knee pain. Depending on the nature of the condition, you might want to visit a chiropractor in Ithaca, New York for some help.

Many people have never considered taking this step toward pain relief. It could be that the idea has never been presented to you. For some, coping with pain and dealing with painkillers has become the norm that it’s hard to imagine life any other way. Every pain condition is unique, but it’s worth considering another form of treatment if you are currently in this situation.

Key Benefits of Chiropractic Care

You may be wondering what a chiropractor does and why you should visit them if you have pain in your joints and other areas of the body. A chiropractor, like Dr. Jason Barton is a licensed professional who deals with a range of conditions in the musculoskeletal system.

Let’s say you have a back issue from a fall you had some years back. Your doctor may have recommended different methods after careful diagnosis of the extent of the injury. These include surgery, physiotherapy, or straight pain medication.

After all the care you received from your doctor, you might find yourself still suffering from back pain. As common as this condition is, it can have a major impact on your quality of life. There’s the pain as well as reduced mobility making it difficult to carry out your normal day-to-day activities with ease.

If you make the decision to schedule an appointment with a practitioner at our chiropractic office in Ithaca, you can expect a full diagnosis followed by a treatment plan. Back pain is just one of the many conditions that a chiropractor can help you with.

There are several benefits of this form of alternative medicine that are worth mentioning. The first one is that this form of treatment is noninvasive. This means that there won’t be any invasive procedures or surgery. Many people shy away from having such procedures done, so if you are one of them, this is great news for you.

The second important benefit of chiropractic care and the most important one is that it produces great results for many patients. You can take some time to read up on patient stories and get referrals from people who have undergone this treatment. You are likely to hear about people finding lasting pain relief, enjoying better posture and mobility, and managing to get back to work and other forms of activity they had said goodbye to.

It is also worth mentioning that when chiropractic care deals with chronic pain, you may find that you no longer have to depend on pain medication to get by. As your body heals and the treatment takes its effect on you, this is one of the most notable benefits you will experience.

Get Started with Chiropractic Care

Now that you know how you can benefit from visiting a local chiropractor, there’s nothing to stop you from making your first appointment. It can be a little intimidating at first, but it’s always good to think about what you stand to gain in the end.

Whether you have pain or injuries from a past fall, accident, medical condition, or any other cause, there could be a treatment method that’s just right for you.

Book an appointment with Dr. Jason Barton and find long-term pain relief in Ithaca, New York today with his many years of experience and expertise in a range of some of the best treatment methods available, you can look forward to a real solution for your condition.


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