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Relieving holiday aches and pains Through Chiropractic Care

Oh, the weather outside is frightful…and so is the thought of holiday back pain.

One day you’re carrying shopping bags that are too heavy, and the next you’re dealing with neck and shoulder soreness. You delightfully carry your fresh cut evergreen tree to your car and secure it on your roof, feeling the strain from lugging its solid trunk.

Count yourself lucky if you have avoided ladder mishaps when stringing lights outside your home or placing the star atop the tree. Maybe you’ve sat on the floor wrapping presents for too long. Lifting the youngest members of your family in warm embraces or to peer out the window at the snow is harder than it looks.

Year after year, we push through holiday aches and pains to make meaningful memories with the ones we love. Discomfort needs to be addressed so you stay healthy and make it into the new year feeling refreshed.

A gift for you

Finding pain relief in Ithaca and Cortland does not need to be as hard as finding the high demand Turbo Man action figure on Christmas Eve. If you have neck pain, shoulder pain, knee pain, low back pain and more, it’s time to visit a chiropractor in Cortland and Ithaca. Staying healthy and mobile will help you continue with a busy holiday itinerary.

When the thought of driving for miles to see extended family makes you fear for your back and driving foot’s ankle, it’s time to prepare by coming into Barton Chiropractic. With two chiropractic offices in Ithaca and Cortland, Dr. Jason Barton and his staff are consistently treating everything from mild pain and stiffness to chronic, degenerative disease. Conditions such as scoliosis, sciatica, migraine, and thoracic outlet syndrome don’t care about all of the warm, fun plans you have. Give yourself the gift of comfort and relief when pain seems inevitable. Begin or continue your treatment and make this year’s festivities stand out as the ones you got to fully enjoy.

How to stay well

If your body experiences acute or chronic ailments, it’s hard to maintain holiday cheer. Get ahead of the holiday headache both figuratively and literally.

When trusting Dr. Barton to mobilize your joints, release muscle adhesions, and get you realigned, you are taking care of one of the greatest gifts of all: your body.

The human body is resilient and amazing. Through Advanced Biostructural Correction, Barton Chiropractic helps promote your best gift’s self-healing. Misalignments cause improper motion, so resolving them helps you stay mobile. Experiencing the release of your misalignments will reduce muscle tension and stiffness, keeping you as spry as your nieces and nephews. Yes, including the ones who want a new bike this year.

Ready for next year

Leave the long to-do list and tension headaches behind. Ease up on the repetitive gift-wrapping motions that aggravate your wrist pain, or worse, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. You are going to make it through this holiday season, and the staff of Barton Chiropractic will make sure of it.

The ABC method used by Dr. Barton is Advanced Biostructural Correction that promotes self-healing. Instead of applying pressure joints or vertebrae all around the body, the main cause of the body’s mechanics being thrown off is sought out and adjusted. Finding and treating the main misalignment allows Dr. Barton’s patients’ bodies to release and reset the first area that was jammed, forcing the surrounding areas to compensate and cause all the additional discomfort.

Chiropractic treatment provides relief over time as the body resumes structural soundness and mobility.

It’s time to stop accepting pain and seek treatment by contacting Barton Chiropractic.


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